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IRS SWAT Team – Hunt for Taxes

The story about what looked like a SWAT team was a swarm of armed IRS Agents that stormed into a business in Florida has gone viral. Many point to this as: See what happens when you give IRS agents lethal power! I think this needs clarification, and everyone knows I am opposed to arming IRS […] read more

The Hunt for Global Taxes

The proposal is to create a global tax rate as world leaders move to create a one-world government. The United Nations, behind the curtain, is preaching that ONLY they can solve the world crisis in climate change, for it requires a single government to control the world. On top of that, Bill Gates has taken […] read more

Sweden’s Insane Hunt for Money

COMMENT: Now when everyone except politicians says Sweden is broke government increases the hunt for money. 27 January – Karlskrona municipality is measuring hedges and they threaten 650 homeowners with fine if they don’t cut it. The fine is 520 USD. 24 January – Dalarna municipality talking about a tourist tax. Tax for every night […] read more

Hunt for Taxes & Illegally Searching Your Phone & Laptop at the Border

The US border guards have been illegally searching laptops and phones for anything that might lead to hidden money. A Federal Court in Boston has ruled warrantless searches of the phones and laptops of international travelers violates the Fourth Amendment. It is amazing that you would even have to take them to court to force […] read more

The Hunt for Money – No Amount is Too Small

COMMENT: You may already know this but in case you don’t: this is a prime example of the ‘war on cash’.: Yesterday I walked into my sisters bank (Santander) in the local town in England, a quite affluent town not somewhere deprived. I handed over and politely asked to deposit a mere £200 (that’s two […] read more

The Hunt For Taxes – Sell & Leave Before It is too late?

QUESTION: Dear MR. Armstrong, As a long time subscriber to your basic level Socrates,I’m very grateful for the guidance I’ve received.I have a question. In the hunt for taxes my Canadian government just assessed me over $80,000.00 for unreported income. I pay my taxes Mr Armstrong, the Canadian government pulled my bank records and although […] read more

The Endless Hunt for Taxes

QUESTION: Martin – Just read your latest on, regarding taxation. I think the most basic, simplistic explanation you can put forward about income taxation, now in 2019, is that governments are taking directly out of our paychecks, while at the same time, printing money like deranged lunatics. Why tax my labor income if you […] read more

The Hunt for Taxes Altering the Economy

We are beginning to witness the impact of state taxes on decision making. California’s high taxes led to the San Francisco Giants losing Bryce Harper to the Philadelphia Phillies. The 26-year-old professional baseball star agreed to a 13-year, $330 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies because the bottom line net of what California would take was insane. I know […] read more

IRS & The Hunt for Taxes Worldwide

COMMENT: Marty…: My respected Australian broker in Sydney, to my horror today, has, for the first time, just asked me to supply the USA Internal Revenue Service with my Tax File Number because of a new requirement in the W8-ben form, otherwise he advises me that I will run the risk that they may withhold 30 […] read more

Using Cameras in the Hunt for Taxes

COMMENT: Hi, Hunt for taxes is running full scale in Scandinavia. In Sweden, all vehicles including foreign registered vehicles, are obliged to pay congestion taxes in Stockholm and Gothenburg as well as infrastructure charges in Motala and Sundsvall. Sometimes, the automatic camera system reads the license plate falsely and few people in Finland have gotten monthly […] read more