On the Daily le…


On the Daily level we see rising volatility into the end of this week 05/24-25. Volatility will rise again on May 29th. Keys days appears to be 05/23, 05/25, and 05/30 this month. The Daily Bullish Reversal stands at 1609.80. The key Daily Bearish Reversal lies at 1526.9. Minor Daily Bearish Reversal is to be found at 1544.5 and only closing back beneath this would signal a resumption of the decline.

Explanations on Reading Charts in 2012 Precious Metals Report

Folks, we have received emails from our customers whom have purchased the Precious Metals report asking for Martin to explain how to read his charts and graphs. He suggested that we post parts of his Models and Methodologies report as a reference to reading those diagrams. Attached is the PDF-ENJOY!

Models and Methodologies Manual