The Muslim Radical Fear Hitting Western Governments after Canada


The attack inside the Canadian Parliament by a radicalized Muslim born in Montreal has sent shivers down the spin of Western governments in Europe and America based on inside sources. According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the gunman had recently applied for a passport, planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS. He was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, and Canadian born in Quebec at Montreal to a father from Libya and a Canadian mother.


Western Governments fear that this new threat introduces home grown religious zealots turn terrorist. In this case, nobody has to fly in – they fear inside jobs. This is creating a reluctance to send any ground forces to confront ISIS for this may enrage religious zealots born in their countries to rise up. This is a different kind of war – one that is religious rather than merely nation v nation. Our model show we are indeed in an escalating trend. The radical religious groups are trying to use the media to recruit worldwide and to start another Holy War.

The RCMP said “We need to investigate and understand his radicalization process. He is an interesting individual in that he had a very well developed criminality.” (reported Reuters)

Once a Government Program Starts – It Never Ends

Eisenhower Dwight Ike  (1890–1969)

World War II created the vast military-complex. Once that was created, they used the threat of Communism to expand. Indeed, Communism was the battle cry for both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The discovery of Eisenhower’s notes on his famous Farewell Speech of January 17, 1961, which were discovered only in 2011, illustrate that this was in the draft stage for years.

Eisenhower  was always talking about the Cold War and the threat it was transforming American into a “garrison state.” Eisenhower was a general and the military thought they had put their man in office and he would give them the golden keys to the nation’s vault. The military wanted a lot more than he was willing to give them. Most people have no idea that Eisenhower stood as a check against the military that he saw had grown 10 fold from before the war and was consuming the nation’s resources.

The military was extremely frustrated Eisenhower and his farewell address was critical for he was attempting to pass on a warning. This battle between the ever-increasing demands from the military is what Eisenhower warned about and I believe Kennedy clearly understood that development and was eventually assassinated for trying to curtail its growth.

Yes there was Lee Harvey Oswald who was never put on trial and was assassinated by Jack Ruby who dies in prison. If there had been a trial, it may have proven there were other shooters and that he was a unknowing participant in a much grander conspiracy. This same pattern appears to have been used with 911. Yes there were “terrorists” but they too were being used for a greater purpose – to expand the military complex once again.

Man Made Climate Change is a Fraud


I have stated all along that this is total bogus nonsense about global warming cause by man. This theory is concocted by people who are either totally a fraud used to scare government into handing them billions of dollars to justify new taxes, or they are sublime idiots incapable of anything but stupid linear thinking. It has never dawned on anyone who is it possible that there have been historic droughts, ice ages, and periods of warming long before the invention of mass automobiles by Henry Ford?

Gore-Hot AirAccording to Al Gore who made Global Warming a presidential issue rather than Social Security, there should have been no ice left in the world and NYC should be using scuba gear to shop on 5th Avenue. Now that would be a cool way to shop if you had topical clear water instead of green muck.

Now, John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, has lambasted these corrupt academics by insisting the theory of man-made climate change was no longer scientifically credible. These academics I suspect are really just fraud artists.

Eisenhower in his Farewell Speech warned about academics with respect to the military establishment. “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.”

Coleman has publicly stated that there is ‘little evidence’ for rising global temperatures outside of normal cyclical variations that are a ‘natural phenomenon’ within a developing eco-system.

Let’s start an investigation of all the academics who have taken billions of dollars to create a bogus theory and follow the money trail. I think a lot of people belong in prison for what they have done to the entire world on this absurd issue. (PERSONAL OPINION)

Dow Jones Industrials 10-24-2014

DJIND-D 10-24-2014


We rallied right up into Wednesday testing the convergence of overhead resistance and will now most likely return to retest support into Friday. The bulk of resistance stands at the 17000 level and support at 15960. This is the closing range of resistance and support. If this week proves to be the reaction high, then we should see one more new low ahead.

This is the timing that seems to be emerging. The rally for stocks seems to be pushed off into the 2017-2018 period for it looks like this 8.6 year wave will be the peak in the bond bubble. After that, interest rates will escalate and we will see a greater number of defaults in various governments. Keep in mind that the amount of capital invested in bonds v equity is about 3:1. Despite all the prognostications of a Great Depression based upon a bubble in stocks, sorry – we ain’t there yet.

Danger of Conspiracy Theories



If you want to hide something in plain view, exaggerate it to the point it becomes extreme and convert it to a conspiracy theory. This is a very standard in how to create propaganda and if you keep saying a lie, its becomes the truth to many without ever having to prove anything. To uncover the truth, takes digging. This I have discovered both in politics as well as market fundamentals.

The two big conspiracy theories to be exaggerated that cover up the truth are the 911 WTC Attack and the Kennedy Assassination. With the former, people take it to the extreme and claim there was not even an attack by terrorists and the whole thing was made up. Sorry, there was an attack and the government knew it was coming and allowed it to for three purposes

  • (1) eliminate the evidence on many cases in WTC7 including all my evidence that documented EVERY  market manipulation up to 1999 by the investment banks et al for which they are getting fined all the time today
  • (2) wipe out the evidence that would have exposed the missing $2 trillion in the Pentagon budget, and
  • (3) generate more power for government by allowing Americans to be victims as originally proposed in Operation Northwoods.


Now, that is far closer to the truth than claiming there was no Middle East terrorists involved at all, Strange, for that does not jive with Saudi Arabia threatening Russia with terrorism or the funding of ISIS to overthrow Syria which has now overthrown most of Iraq.

Patton George (1885-1945)Then there is the Kennedy Assassination spun to be the product of the Mafia or with Oswald’s Russian connection. Eisenhower in his Farewell Address warned of the vast military complex that had grown out of World War II employing over 3 million people. There was no such industry before that war and the view was now Communism would take the world. My father was a Colonel under General Patton and you to tell me all the time about him as a child how he read the books of his opponent and how he accurately predicted that the real enemy would be Stalin and wanted to go all the way to Moscow.


In the Third 1960 Presidential Debate, Kennedy exposed the truth behind the decline in the Bretton Woods System – it was the vast expenditure on the military. Her said:

Now on the question of gold. The difficulty, of course, is that we do have heavy obligations abroad, that we therefore have to maintain not only a favorable balance of trade but also send a good deal of our dollars overseas to pay our troops, maintain our bases, and sustain other economies. 

The price of silver was rising and Kennedy set in motion the withdraw of silver from the monetary system. This too has been spun into a conspiracy theory  Here they have spun JFK’s Executive Order 11110 into the Federal Reserve killed Kennedy because he was taking their power to print currency away. You just can’t get any more far-fetched than that one.

Simply put, JFK also said the US current account deficit could be stopped at any time if the government stopped expanding its military worldwide for that was sending dollars offshore. If anyone had a motive, it was the very same people behind the NSA abuse of power – not the Federal Reserve, Mafia, or Russians. Just follow the money and you get closer to the truth – i.e. Halliburton, Cheney and the Iraq War against a nation who was against religious fanatics, the very terrorists who attacked the USA – go figure that one out without following the money. We took out two dictators who kept religious fanatics in check -Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Gaddafi.

BTW, as soon as Halliburton was to be investigated, they moved to Dubai. Just follow the money.

Obama May go down as Worst President in History


It is interesting to watch how the Democrats try to distance themselves from Obama. He may go down as the absolute worst president in history. One has to ask was this some sort of plot to make sure no black president will ever be elected again? Is Obama really in charge? Perhaps they just hand him a golf club like Hillary handed Clinton bimbos so she could run the joint.



I attended the National Press dinner in Washington where Clinton delivered the keynote speech. I was sitting at the table with the conservative TV journalists and his speech was so good, everyone had to really applaud – except the few very famous guys I was sitting with. I said to them – come on! That was a fantastic speech in how it was delivered. They conceded that, but still did not like the content.

Most people have no idea that Clinton was elected with less than 50% of the popular votes. Clinton was elected with just 43.01%. The only president to have been elected with a lower percentage was Abraham Lincoln during the election of 1860 (John Quincy Adams does not count being the first public election).


The Democrats just want to be the first for everything – first to support slavery in the early 1800s, first to adopt Marxism in the late 1800s, first to confiscate gold creating two-tier monetary system, first to elect a Catholic, the first to elect a black president, and soon to be the first to elect a woman. Lot of firsts in there.

We will run our political models soon to see who wins 2016. This will be interesting for as the economy turns down from 2015.75, one year is a long-time for election. The Obama stench just may be so great, that rise in a third-party looks possible now.

Canada Shook By Assault inside Parliament


Canada’s capital was attacked on Wednesday by the fatal shooting of a soldier and an attack on the parliament building after a gunman managed to get inside. The gunman in the parliament building was shot dead. The question is WHY? It would be nice if someone investigated and revealed the truth. Was the man just nuts? Or was he disgruntled over some economic issue? There is a huge difference for taxes are rising in Canada and there is the issue of Quebec that should start to rise once again under a separatist movement when the ECM turns down.