Crimea Economy is Collapsing: Russia Forced to Nationalize Companies


The companies in the Crimea have lost their suppliers and customers on the Ukrainian mainland. Moreover, tourism has collapsed. As a consequence, companies are now being nationalized – from bakeries to shipyards. The consequences of changing conditions and the inter-dependency of regions on economic conditions is changing the world.

Riots Erupt Against ECB in Germany


In an important demonstration against the euro and the ECB’s policy that took place on Saturday in Frankfurt serious riots have erupted showing the civil unrest is spreading right on target now in Germany. Protesters had overcome the fences for the new ECB headquarters, but were pushed back by the police. The new building will cost taxpayers more than one billion euros and will be significantly more expensive than planned.

Movie – When Will it Hit The USA?

QUESTION: Hi Martin,

I read your site everyday along with many others. You are the only one who sees how everything is connected.

I am curious how someone like me  ( in US) would be able to see The Forecaster.  Do you know if it will ever be available on Netflix?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


ANSWER: The film will be released worldwide. It will move to theaters by next April. The demand for this film is incredible. It seems to have hit that sweet spot. Outside the USA, the world distrusts the US regulators who have been seen as protecting the bank-manipulators at all cost. This has really diminished the respect for America internationally among the people who really count. I seriously doubt that anyone in the USA will be able to prevent this movie from now being seen worldwide. Anyone who even attempts to prevent this movie from being seen will be viewed as part of the corruption that is causing taxes and unemployment to rise and accountability to collapse. Anyone who tries to defend the manipulators as never being involved in manipulation will also be considered part of that corruption. There are far too many people coming forward now about what has been going on behind the curtain.

The Movie – the Forecaster



The Movie the Forecaster made its debut to a full house last night. The reception was fantastic. It was nice to have an audience that was so receptive – it truly was amazing. Most documentary films are about some suffering. This one is not about poor me, but what I have been fighting against for the sake of my own family and the future. The overwhelming response has been positive that this film is coming at the exact right time. All I can say, is I hope it brings understanding and political change for us all. I know the timing is right at least.

I explained before the audience that I had rejected American film makers because I feared they would receive threats and kill the film. The European audience was sympathetic on that point. Nobody seemed to get the impression this was about poor me and instead understood this was a battle rather than a victim story. So if we can look to what these issues are then we can seek the political reform we need.

Hopefully, the people who were part of the Occupy Wall Street movement worldwide will now see it is not the stock brokers and not even the traders. It is about a core system of corruption and manipulation to seek that perfect trade without risk that is wiping out Western Civilization as we know it.

We have to understand the problem before we can correct it. The CFTC suddenly announced the past week that they are starting an investigation into the manipulations by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and J.P.Morgan. They never announce who they are investigating so to even announce that is to address the blow-back from this film. The way to have impact is from the outside in. The American press is too controlled to simply assume this is will be a fair reporting of the subject matter – (not journalists as much as it is the editors and management).

The Insanity of Politicians



The stark difference between Putin and Western politicians is starting to impress even those who fear him. Putin says what he thinks and does not swing back and forth with polls. He actually answers question as demonstrated on a German TV interview. In the West, we lack politicians who really stand for anything. They move with the polls.

Nonetheless, instead of dealing with serious problems of collapsing government with rising taxes and unemployment, they sit around and look for stupid things just to do. In Poland, they could ban Winnie the Pooh from a Polish playground, after the politicians labelled the character as a half-naked hermaphrodite who is an inappropriate role model to children. The beloved bear was meant to be the namesake for a new park in Tuszyn, but his “dubious sexuality” and minimal clothing has led councilors to block the move.

Austrian Chancellor Impressed by the Swiss Tax System

Faymann Werner

The Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ) was informed on Friday in Aarau of the design of the Swiss tax system. The distinction of the Swiss tax system that sets is apart from the rest of the world is that there is a certain basic trust in the population, Faymann said. “Everyone knows his duties. You do not build a system where one investigates at home, in the homes and kitchens going to see what “ they might have.

Faymann has hit the nail on the head at last. He has observed the problem with government – it is not structured for the benefit of the people, but to control the people. It is a confrontational structure that only fools think (1) they really have any say, and (2) it is not just about government maintain their control for their own self-interest,

The State of the World FOREX


While recession has returned to Japan and interest rates have dropped to negative, in Europe the ECM has effectively announced it will expand its balance sheet again by a trillion Euro. China has lowered interest rates showing this view of lowering interest rates is believed to stimulate the economy still prevails, albeit nobody can point to any such period which demonstrates that such a policy has ever worked. The Fed lowered interest rates from the peak in 1929 to no avail. Honestly, while this may sound like good policy, it has simply never worked. Lowering interest rates HAS never created a stock bull market. Lowering interests has instead market the worse declines in history.

The problem we face today is the assumption that the Euro will not merely crash and burn, it will break-apart. We are witnessing two important shifts in capital. Pressure is still being applied to the Swiss despite the peg. They are swapping Euros for Swiss at alarming rates. In Germany, the 10 year bonds are trading through the US rates. Why? Certainly not because Germany is doing better than the USA from an economic perspective. This trade continues to assume that at the end of the day, the Euro will break-apart and they will end up with Deutsche marks. That is rather foolish for it appears that the ECB has no problem allowing the Euro to fall even below par with the dollar and in fact would welcome such a decline assuming at least then that would stimulate the economy.