Youth Protests in Hong Kong Becoming Large


What people do not get is the divide between the generations. The youth have it far worse than their parents and they want jobs, lower taxes, and freedom. The older generation simply looks to exploit the youth and take the approach of shut-up and obey your elders. That is not working in Europe, Scotland, Iran, and now in Asia. The protests in Hong Kong are increasing and this is a global trend – connect the dots.

Spanish Court Denies Spanish Right to Vote

Rajoy Mariano - 2

Spain’s constitutional court has decided to suspend Catalonia’s referendum on independence following a request from the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. This ruthless undemocratic pretend leader jumps whatever height the EU Commission tells him to do betraying his own country to the rising dictatorship of Brussels.

As reported, a court spokeswoman stated that the 12 judges reached the decision to suspend Catalonia’s November independence referendum after an hour-long emergency meeting. They too are a total disgrace to the very idea of democracy and the West should just stop the pretense that they are any different from Russia. Power devolves to dictatorship whenever there are no checks and balances. This is a simple truth of history without exceptions.

Australian Scientists Caught Rigging Climate Number to Fake Global Warming


In Australia, the scientists have been caught red-handed adjusting the number to pretend the climate has been getting warmer. Let’s get real here. There are natural cycles within climate. How did the Ice Ages end before without cars? Guess it must have been a lot of cows farting as Europe has declare cows posed the second greatest threat to the environment next to cars. Keep one thing in mind. Creating a climate crisis means they get funding. The money flows to them for investigating what does not exist.

EU To Aggressively Increase Tax Collection


The Social Democrats in Europe demand that the office of the new EU Commissioner place the collection of taxes very high on the agenda. All governments are going broke and this is the DEFLATIONARY side the hyperinflationists never acknowledge. Those in government only view their crisis through tax evasion and avoidance and exaggerate everything. The are claiming that tax revenue that has escaped within the Member States has reach €2 trillion euros. They do not look beyond the current crisis. They cannot see that their spending increases perpetually and without reform the system collapsed into dust. This is how revolutions erupt. You cannot keep pushing people to the point of economic extinction. This is not the big capital – this is the average person. When you impact the masses, they do rise up as we saw in Ukraine.

Superficially, the EU government will also be targeting US corporations in part which is retaliation for US treatment of European banks with huge fines. The Socialists want to take all citizens under greater scrutiny to ensure more efficient tax collection in Europe. Of course, there is never any discussion of an economical use of taxpayers’ money at the SPD. Governments only see their own needs at the expense of the people.


Before Government Pays You Anything – They Search A Massive Database that links You with Friends and Family


Before the government will pay you Social Security, they do a credit search and then if you owe anything – they deduct it. It has been a very rude awakening for a growing number of seniors: They file for Social Security, then suddenly discover that the federal government plans to take part of their benefit to pay off delinquent student loans, tax bills, child support or alimony. Anything they can find not to pay – they just do. Anyone who had a student loan 40 years ago and forgot about it – well Uncle Sam has not.

This US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released findings on the issue of rising student debt burdens among retirees. Of course no one will address the fact that what Social Security now pays compared to what you paid in is nothing after long-term inflation. Nevertheless, the GAO has now reported on how the government goes after delinquent borrowers by going after wages, tax refunds and Social Security checks.

People are finding that their tax refunds are even taken to pay family member’s debts who may be dead. The latest clever move with creating databases and linking everyone together has been the trend to confiscate people’s assets based upon old debts owed by a relative as reported by the Washington Post. If your parents owed the government money, they are seizing your assets including refund checks. 

This is just not the loving, caring government they pretend to be who cares about you and your family. This has become a plain adversarial relationship – you are the evil target who has money they need to fund their lavish pensions. DO NOT over-estimate your income to get a refund check for the IRS has been delaying refund checks for a long time as they search records to find an excuse not to give you anything.