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The Swiss franc tumbled on Today as its Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) imposed a charge on deposits for two main concerns. First, they are scared of a flood of money exiting Russia buying Swiss driving the franc higher and secondly they remain terrified of anticipated pressure continuing from the Eurozone if the ECB starts full-scale money printing early next year.

While the rise in shares both in Europe and the USA are attributed to an upbeat assessment of the U.S. economy and a promise to be patience in raising rates by the Federal Reserve, in reality, capital has to go somewhere. Smart money will continue to exist sovereign debt in front of the anticipated Eurozone meltdown next year combined with falling energy and commodity prices that will hit the emerging market countries even more next year. The Russian crisis may have captured the headlines, but we are already seeing quiet cut-backs in spending in the Middle East that nobody seems to be paying attention to just yet. The US economy remains the ONLY economy holding up the world but that will not last beyond next September.


EU Looking to Centralize Corporate Taxes – the Federalization of Europe

Juncker Jean-Claude

President Jean-Claude Juncker of the EU has instructed all member countries to provide information on their tax decisions (breaks) provided corporations to the authorities in Brussels from 2010 to 2013. Brussels is now on the offensive to raise money and they are now targeting international business. Taxes should be determined whether competition is distorted by selective tax breaks in the internal market within Europe. Since June last year, the Commission is already looking with practice in Luxembourg, Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK, Malta, Belgium and Cyprus. From other countries, it requires information to shell companies.Because of the tax arrangements with Starbucks, Apple and Fiat in three EU countries a process already running. The hunt for taxes is expanding everywhere.


Obama Endorses Torture By Refusing to Criminally Prosecute Those Involved

CIA whistleblower, John Kiriakou


As always, the government imprisons anyone who exposes their illegal activity. The ONLY person in prison related to torture is John Kiriakou who was the whistleblower. This is why real patriots like Snowden cannot return to a country that prosecutes as a crime those who expose the corruption inside government.



Castro Ariel


Of course when someone imprison women for years like Ariel Castro we see this as a crime. If they work for government they are somehow exempt. There should not be any difference in prosecution and this is why we need MAJOR reform where the right to prosecute must be taken away from government. It is the right of the people – not the privilege of those in power.


German Socialists So Eager To Destroy Germany


All socialists just see money and justify their taking of other people;s money as somehow just even though their theory violates the Ten Commandments – thou shalt not covet thy neighbor;s wife or goods. The German Socialists are no different. They cannot understand how an economy even functions. All they do is want to take other people’s money for themselves no different than a thief in the night except they do it while justify themselves in broad daylight.

The exemptions for corporate heirs violated in their current form of the Basic Law.The Federal Constitutional Court on Wednesday overturned the existing regulations since 2009 to the generous exemption from inherited business assets are incompatible with the principle of equal treatment of the Basic Law. Basically, it is legitimate to partially or even completely free a family from death taxes, emphasized the judges. Nevertheless, the legislature now has a deadline of June 30, 2016 to create a new regulation.Until then, the current regulations are more applicable. (Ref. 1 BvL 21/12)

The Constitutional Court ruled on a template of the Federal Finance Court (BFH). The tax exemptions for companies heirs violated in their current form of the Basic Law. The Federal Constitutional Court in its decision, however, that there are grounds for lawmakers to spare family – for example, if jobs would be protected.The Supreme Tax Court had asked the tax treatment of corporate heirs against heirs of private property as a privilege in question. After the exemption rule inheritances and gifts are then relieved when in the course of the transfer of the jobs are largely protected. The operation was allowed to continue for five years and kept the employment stable during this transition period. Eventually, 85 percent of the tax will then be due. Exempt from this payroll clause are companies with up to 20 employees, almost 90 percent of all companies.

With the German high court ruling on inheritance tax, the SPD-Left has introduced a new proposal in Germany. This alone illustrates the collapse in the world economy because of socialism that is underway.  The German socialists want to seize small business that employ about 70% of the civil work force globally. When a company’s heir has a tax liability for inheritance that they cannot pay, the state will seize access to shares in the company of family. The state will then destroy the business selling the assets for taxes since they are incapable to managing such a concern. If the tax liability is removed, the heirs may buy back their shares from the government. They do this in the USA taking people’s homes who cannot pay property taxes and sell they at auction.

The USA had to learn the hard way that inheritance taxes destroy the economy. For years, the children of farmers were forced to sell land just to pay the inheritance taxes. Hence, big corporate farming was born thanks to wiping out small business. The downside of these socialist inheritance taxes has been the destruction of the small business. It prevents small business from surviving long-term. One must go public to even survive.

Take for instance my own case. What if upon my death government said they “believe” the model is worth $5 billion and demand $3 billion in taxes from my family. How is it possible to pay such a tax on their valuation without selling the asset? This is outright theft. Then there are all the employees of the company. What happens to their jobs? The greed of the state supersede human rights.

These socialists who justify confiscating other people’s money for their own personal use never look too closely at the economic impact their actions have upon the long-term growth of society. Just as money has become electronic, there is also no longer a need for taxes. Taxes are a barbaric relic from the past when money was coin. Now money is created mostly by the private sector through leverage and banking and it reflects the total productive capacity of the people. This is how China is displacing the USA. Its GDP has surpassed the USA, not its capacity to provide an alternative to the dollar just yet.

Russian Ruble Collapses – Conspiracy Or Warning of Things To Come

RUBLES-D 12-15-2014


cntrl-alt-delThe anti-dollar contingent around the world who have preached that since Russia already trades its own currencies independently from the dollar and China has been trying to make the same move, are spinning the blogs claiming this is a “Zionist banker” conspiracy and this proves that all nations are tired of debt making Zionist banking. Well aside from the prejudice, this is not about merely debt and banking. I warned in the Greatest Bull Market that during a massive Sovereign Debt Crisis, there is nothing that remains standing. This is a complete control-alt-delete.


There was nothing that survived during the Great Depression from stocks, bonds, commodities, tangible assets, to currencies. This is what we are facing. The complete meltdown of the world economy thanks to the convergence of many factors. Just about anything that can go wrong is going wrong and the end game is not looking pretty. As we can see from this chart of the bond market, while Andrew Mellon first bragged when the stock market crashed “gentlemen buy bonds”, those who ran into the bond markets either were left with nothing as sovereign debt defaulted, or their US bonds were suddenly devalued by FDR and the gold redemption clauses were reneged upon.

RUBLES-M cash 12-15-2014

The Russian central bank tried to shore up the currency with a rate hike to 17%, but when that proved ineffectual, confidence in the bank evaporated and the sellers piled on. This is an example of the problems we face with all governments. Right now, people generally look to government with a demigod perspective that they are in charge and all powerful. I have been behind the curtain and also been on the other side of phone calls from various central banks in the middle of a panic. They are no more in control than you or I. All they can do is pound their chest and hope people will do as they preach.

The collapse in Russia is being caused by a collapse in energy prices and sanctions. The Middle East has become addicted to high energy prices and thus they have increased their budget taking into consideration expectations of perpetual high energy prices. However, with all things, there is a cycle. Our original forecast back in 1998 that oil would rise to $100 by 2007 was at first laughed at. By 2000, even the Department of Energy wanted us to forecast energy prices for the nation.. What has to be understood is rather simple. Oil had to rise in price in order to generate (1) new improvements in extracting, and (2) alternatives. We saw that rally and by 2007 the year-end closing was $95.98. The rally ended with the highest closing coming on the 13 year mark  in 2011 closing that year at $98.83 in line with the Economic Confidence Model.


During the Great Depression, stocks rallied into 1929 but commodities peaked in 1919. The tangible commodity sector declined into 1932 coinciding with the stock low. That 13 year decline was profound. It wiped out much of the commodity industry. The correlated trends globally demonstrate that this is not some conspiracy of Zionist bankers, Illuminati, or a plot between Saudi Arabia and the USA to destroy Russia. We are dealing with a very serious crisis within the global economy that is by no means limited to Russia or oil.

We are witnessing the unraveling of the world economy because we have pervasive corruption in government with political manipulations that are only concerned about winning the next election. There is no plan here for the long-term.

CRUDE-M 12-15-2014


Crude oil has two numbers we must now pay close attention to for year-end $75 and $57. A closing BELOW $57 warns that we are in serious trouble with oil and we may not see the final low until 2016-2017. The real critical level of support lies at $32. We should see this type of decline send crude back to retest the 1980 high of about $40 similar to gold retesting the $875 high of 1980. Welcome to the land of DEFLATION as all the promises of socialism with government taking care of you from cradle to grave are over and done with.

Consequently, additional proof that this is not limited to Russia is just open your eyes. There is a crisis in ALL EMERGING markets. As the dollar rises and commodities decline, this is part of the cycle that sets in motion the Sovereign Debt defaults.

Russia’s central bank raised its key interest rate to 17 percent in the early hours of Tuesday morning in an emergency move to halt a collapse in the ruble as oil prices decline and the country’s sanctions-hit economy slides towards recession. We are looking at a major decline within the world economy. This is part of Big Bang. We will produce a major and very serious report on this entire subject matter after the closing of 2014.

RUBFOR-M CASH 12-15-2014


Germany Ready to Destroy Its Economy Tomorrow


Tomorrow, Germany’s Constitutional Court will rule on a major tax case that could devastate German business owners. There was no estate tax in Germany so businesses could pass from one generation to the next intact. That may all come to an end tomorrow.

The country’s constitutional court will decide whether families can continue to transfer companies from one generation to the next without having to pay estate tax. This will wipe out potential growth in the country’s 3 million small- and medium-sized companies that are privately owned. These companies serve as the backbone of Europe’s largest economy and such a ruling will impact more than 130,000 family businesses with 1.6 million employees are set to change hands by 2018 alone.

The greed for taxes will only get far worse. There is no common sense here about reform. We no longer need taxes at the federal level. We are watching the destruction of the global economy because these people cannot think even 1 year ahead. It is all about what they need today. God help Western Civilization.


Class Action Lawsuit Forming Against FATCA



The single worst law ever passed was FATCA. The damage this single act has already had is startling. Americans are being denied business accounts everywhere outside the USA. This is contributing to the demise of the USA as the Financial Capital of the World setting the stage for the passing of that title to China.

Any Americans who have been personally harmed by FATCA can contact a lawyer mounting a Class Action Case. Send your email and we will forward it to the lawyer. Those who have been prejudiced or their children by the worldwide reach of FATCA should make contact.




Here is the timeline of FATCA. This will get much worse with time. If you have been impacted by FATCA, you should join in. This will not be filed in New York, where the case would be buried to say the least.

Send a link to anyone you know has been harmed by FATCA.