How to Use the Forecasting Arrays

DJFOR-D 6-27-2013


Here are some video explanations of how to use the Forecasting Arrays generated by our computer models. These arrays are a composite of 72 models in all that cover trading patterns, volatility, Directional Changes, Panic Cycles, and of course the turning points from an immediate to long-term basis.



This includes both EMPIRICAL (hard wired) transverse frequencies of a fixed duration as well as dynamic longitudinal wave frequencies that fluctuate in duration. These are the two primary types of cyclical activity. The computer has the hard-wired fixed frequencies and it also recalculates the frequencies on an ongoing basis. It also focuses on shorter-term frequencies and the long-term.


Deatiled Array

Here is a detailed explanation of the Forecasting Array.


Crude Array 1996

The Long-Term view reviewing the 1996 forecast for Crude oil into 2007